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Benelli TNT 135: A Pocket Rocket Overview

In the world of motorcycles, the term "pocket rocket" is often reserved for small, lightweight machines that deliver an exhilarating riding experience. One such bike that perfectly embodies this concept is the Benelli TNT 135. This diminutive motorcycle from the Italian manufacturer Benelli offers a combination of compact size, impressive performance, and eye-catching styling that makes it stand out in its class. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the Benelli TNT 135 and explore why it's gaining popularity among riders seeking a thrilling two-wheeled experience.

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1) A Brief Introduction to Benelli TNT 135

Before diving into the specifics of the TNT 135, let's briefly touch upon the manufacturer behind this exciting motorcycle. Benelli, established in 1911, is one of Italy's oldest and most renowned motorcycle manufacturers. The company has a rich history of producing motorcycles known for their performance and distinctive design.

In recent years, Benelli has expanded its global reach and has been producing motorcycles that cater to a wide range of riders, from beginners to experienced enthusiasts. The Benelli TNT 135 is one such model that has garnered significant attention for its unique blend of attributes.

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2) Compact Dimensions with Big Character

  • The Benelli TNT 135 is a small-displacement motorcycle with an unmistakable character. Its compact dimensions and lightweight build make it an ideal choice for urban commuting and spirited riding on twisty roads. With a seat height of just 30.7 inches (780 mm) and a dry weight of around 266 pounds (121 kg), the TNT 135 is incredibly accessible, even for riders with limited experience.

  • Despite its small size, the TNT 135 boasts a big personality. Its aggressive styling, highlighted by a sharp, angular design and bold graphics, gives it a sporty and dynamic appearance. It's the kind of bike that turns heads and attracts attention wherever it goes.

Engine details

3) Engine and Performance Benelli TNT 135

  • The heart of the Benelli TNT 135 is a 134.7cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine. While the displacement might seem modest, this little powerhouse produces a surprising amount of punch. With a maximum power output of 11.7 horsepower and 7.4 lb-ft of torque, the TNT 135 delivers a thrilling ride, especially in city traffic.

  • The engine is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission, which allows riders to make the most of its powerband. Whether you're navigating congested streets or enjoying a weekend ride through the countryside, the TNT 135 offers a responsive and engaging experience.

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4) Agile and Fun Handling Benelli TNT 135

  • One of the standout features of the Benelli TNT 135 is its nimble handling. The lightweight chassis, combined with 12-inch wheels and a sporty suspension setup, allows for quick and precise manoeuvring. The TNT 135 feels agile and responsive, making it a joy to ride in urban environments where tight turns and quick direction changes are common.

  • The suspension consists of upside-down forks in the front and a mono-shock in the rear, providing a good balance between comfort and sportiness. Whether you're navigating potholes or leaning into corners, the TNT 135's suspension does a commendable job of smoothing out the ride.

safety features benelli tnt 135

5) Safety Features Benelli TNT 135

In terms of safety, the Benelli TNT 135 is equipped with disc brakes in both the front and rear, offering reliable stopping power. Additionally, the motorcycle features a dual-channel ABS system, which further enhances braking performance and helps prevent wheel lock-up in slippery conditions. This is a valuable safety feature for riders of all skill levels.

6) Affordable and Economical Benelli TNT 135

Another appealing aspect of the Benelli TNT 135 is its affordability. It provides an entry point into the world of motorcycling without breaking the bank. The cost of ownership, including fuel consumption and maintenance, is quite economical, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious riders.

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7) Conclusion

In the realm of small-displacement motorcycles, the Benelli TNT 135 stands out as a pocket rocket that delivers an exhilarating riding experience. Its compact dimensions, aggressive styling, and spirited performance make it a fantastic choice for urban commuters, new riders, and enthusiasts looking for a fun and affordable motorcycle.

Whether you're navigating city streets, exploring winding country roads, or simply looking for an attention-grabbing machine to add to your collection, the Benelli TNT 135 has something unique to offer. With its Italian heritage and impressive design, this pocket rocket is a testament to Benelli's commitment to creating motorcycles that combine style, performance, and accessibility.

If you're in the market for a small-displacement motorcycle that punches above its weight class, the Benelli TNT 135 is definitely worth considering. It's a reminder that big adventures can come in small packages, and sometimes, less is truly more when it comes to riding excitement.


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